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Sofi and the Baladis, a five-member ensemble led by singer Sofi Tsedaka, features soulful and richly textured performances of an array of musical traditions which lie at the heart of Israel's diverse and historic cultures. The group's multi-lingual concerts, presenting new interpretations of songs from the ancient Samaritan community, as well as compelling vocal and instrumental work from mid-20th century Arabic composers, transcend genres, and move easily from being deeply spiritual to an upbeat and rhythmic style that captivates and will bring audiences to their feet. The commentary Sofi provides throughout the concert tells the story of the Samaritan Tsedaka family, a moving and powerful story of that family's--and Sofi's--search for balance, understanding, faith, and belonging as they navigate the pathway between their Jewish and Arab identities.



Vocal:sofi Tsedaka

Oud: Yaniv Taichman

Qanun: Yossi Bronfman

Perception:Gadi Seri

Flut : Yogev Levi

Sound: Mark Umanski

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