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Songs, prayers and storytelling from the ancestors of the people of the holy land with singer and story teller Sofi Tsedaka.

The language of Sofi Tsedaka is an ancient Hebrew. The language that the people of Israel spoke when they arrived at the Promised Land in ancient time. It’s the language that Prophet Moses, King David and Jesus spoke.

Sofi Tsedaka is a singer, musician and a stories teller, born in holiness Israel in the smallest ethnoreligious community in the world the Sumerians.

The Sumerians are mentioned in the New Testament thanks to the Good Samaritan who helped Jesus on the way for Bet El to Jerusalem, The Samaritan are the direct descendant of the original kingdom of Israel. A community that not only demonstrates remarkable resilience, but also a wonderful ability to coexist between and among both Arabs and Jews in the land of Israel Living in Israel 125 generations.

Since the year 2014 Sofi Tsedaka with here ensemble the Baladis. presents on stage by music and by storytelling, her roots and tradition and her unique mysterious community.

Sofi Tsedaka and here ensemble has performed in many music festivals around the world. In Israel, USA and Europe.


Vocals: Sofi Tsedaka

Oud: Yaniv Taicman

Qanun: Ariel Qassis|

Percussion: Gadi Seri

Flute: Yogev Levi

Record producer: Amitai Pariente

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